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Will Prop 8 Supporters Kill Sundance Film Festival?

Last year Sundance went green, this year Sundance might go empty! Gay rights campaigners are asking Hollywood stars and film fans to boycott next year’s Sundance Film Festival in Utah. The request came after it was revealed that Alan Stock - a Mormon who owns a number of Sundance venues - made a personal $9,900 donation to support Proposition 8, which outlawed gay marriage in California.

Even though the Sundance Institute has agreed to let the viewers decide by showing all movies screened at Cinemark Theaters in a seperate location as well, editor John Aravosis is still not pleased.

Aravosis told the New York Daily News, “If you go to Utah, you’re funding hate. Just moving movies around is not enough. Money from this festival is funneled directly to the Mormon Church and to a supporter of Proposition 8. Sunshine should simply say they won’t screen films in a hate theater.”

In response, a Sundance rep said, “(The festival) has a long history and in fact was founded on the idea of championing diversity. It is our hope that people will embrace the festival for its commitment to diversity, not avoid it.”

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Ecorazzi, NY

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